About us

It is our strive to help women achieve modesty in every avenue of their daily walks. 

  • Modesty is a journey. As daughters of the king, we are each at different places on this journey, but we should all have the same goal which is to please Christ. We hope to create a community of women aimed at encouraging one another along the way. We hope to provide material to help one be successful in both actions and apparel. 
  • Modesty is a matter of the heart. For modesty to be achieved, it must begin at the heart. We must purpose to live to please the Lord in the way we present ourselves and live our lives. It is so much more than the way we dress, but dress is evidence of the work taking place in the heart. 
  • Modesty is beautiful. In today’s society, modesty may seem awkward, weird, and outdated. But it doesn’t have to be that way! It is our passion to help women feel beautiful while presenting themselves in a way that pleases the Lord. It can be a struggle to find clothing that is both modest and fashionable. We strive to find those seemingly rare items just for you!

Follow our social media accounts to join the community. We hope to produce content that provides both encouragement and growth. We are so excited to be on this journey together!