Standards and Boundaries

Standards and Boundaries

The word standard can take on multiple uses. We find that in the Old Testament of the Bible it was often used as a way to describe that which the tribes of Israel were known by. One standard that America is known by is the American flag with its red, white, and blue colors covered in stars and stripes. We see that standards are a clear indication of representation. Standard can also mean “that which is established by sovereign power as a rule or measure by which others are to be adjusted” or “that which is established as a rule or model by authority” (Webster). God sets standards that His children are to follow and be known by.

Although these standards are clearly established, it can sometimes be difficult for us to see them. First, we must go to the Word of God in order to find what those standards are. After that, we must make a plan to follow those standards. This is where boundaries come into play. A boundary is “the thing which ascertains the limit” (Webster). As children of God, we must set boundaries in our lives to prevent us from breaking a standard. These affect each area of our daily lives such as relationships, modesty, and so much more. We must be sure to set proper boundaries that will prevent us from failing.

As we grow in our faith, our boundaries may change. God has established standards that will never change, but with growth comes new enlightenment and convictions. We must heed to the Holy Spirit's leading for wherever we are on our journey. We must be willing to make changes in our lives as we are led.

It is important to constantly make a self examination of our personal boundaries. Ask yourself, “Are my boundaries set in a way that I’m assured to stray from sin or am I riding a fine line?” Be sure that you aren’t walking in border line faith. Our Heavenly Father deserves full surrender. Keep in mind that boundaries that are pushed a little further out are not a bad thing. Think of Adam and Eve. If they had built a wall around the forbidden tree, would they have eaten the fruit? Set yourself up for success in the faith!

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