Set Your Affection

Set Your Affection

As we consider this verse, I pray that we all make a self-examination of where our affection lies. But first, we must understand exactly what affection is. Affection is our deep-abiding love that comes as a result of an understanding of truth. I believe we often get it mixed up with our passions. Passions are surface-level physical responses to a strongly evoked emotion.

Matthew 26:35 says, “Peter said unto him, Though I should die with thee, yet will I not deny thee. Likewise also said all the disciples.” Here Peter makes a declaration that he is willing to die for Christ. But before this chapter is over we hear of him denying Christ three times (Matthew 26:69-75). In verse 35, Peter was feeling strongly passionate about Christ. At that moment, he felt that he would do anything for him even unto death. We later find this was a surface-level declaration made when Peter felt intense emotion. When he denied Christ, it showed that his affection was currently set on other things. He loved his life and this world more. 

Affections are what connect our mind and our will. They should be the root of our obedience to Christ. Peter had not yet taken the time to nurture his love for Christ. In the moment, in the presence of Christ, he felt as if he did. But when adversity came, the statements that he made in moments of passion proved unfaithful.

We live in a world that constantly seeks to shape our affections. The enemy does this subtly and tricks us with things that seem “good.” We must keep a constant check on the affections that we are nurturing. 

“It is the affection that allows a soldier to stand and face a fierce attack from the enemy.”

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